Fat Metals Nickel-Steel .012

Fat Metals Nickel-Steel .012
Fat Metals Nickel-Steel .012 Fat Metals Nickel-Steel .012 Fat Metals Nickel-Steel .012
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.012 - .015 - .026 - .034 - .044 - .054


Fat Metals strings have that handcrafted quality for players seeking premium performance on an affordable budget. These strings are individually hand tested for proper gauging and tone articulation. Each string is individually labeled and packaged to ensure you get outstanding tone without paying a premium price. All Fat Metals strings are made in the USA.


Are they really handcrafted?....YES!

Other companies claim to have "handmade strings" for guitar and bass, yet, their factories are full of automated machines making strings. Our strings are the real thing. We do not have a large factory full of machines churning out strings that nobody ever hears or tests before being sold to you. People make our strings, and they are proud of their craft. Our goal is to bring you the finest string for your instrument. Period.


Tuned Core Process (TCP)

All Fat Metals strings are handcrafted with our Tuned Core Process (TCP). The core wire of our wound strings is tested for tone, pitch, and clarity...by human ear! Unlike mass produced strings, we do not rely upon the core wire tension to produce quality tone. Think about it for a moment...just because a guitar string can be pulled to certain tension does not mean it will sound good. This is why we take things a step further for you. As the string is manually wound, we listen to each core wire tuned to a specific pitch. If it does not have clean pitch and tone, it is tossed in the trash. We have humans, NOT MACHINES, listen to our strings as they are handcrafted and shipped to you. This ensures you get a string that sounds its very best. Check out the video on the right to see how we do it.


Handcrafted Packaging

We are serious about giving you premium craftsmanship. When it comes to Fat Metals...even the string packaging is made by hand. All strings are shipped in special handcrafted wood boxes with moisture sealed packaging to prevent string tarnish.


Unique String Labeling

Each string has a unique tag label on the ball-end to help identify its gauge and alloy. Why is it important for you to have individually labels strings? No more confusion! If you have a .009 gauge string next to a .010 string, it can be a little difficult to tell which string is which. By having each string tagged, you know exactly which string you have in your hand. Every string in your Fat Metals set is individually tagged.



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