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Professor String 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Our 80/20 bronze series of strings have that handcrafted quality for acoustic players seeking premium performance on an affordable budget. These strings feature a tuned core that has been specially designed to work with our bronze wrap wire. This means you get maximum vibrational energy transfer with each note. Another feature is the polymer coating on these strings. We have tested many polymer coated strings in our lab and have found an alloy/polymer combination that is transparent to the pure tone of the string. These strings are individually hand tested for proper gauging and tone articulation. Each string is individually labeled and packaged to ensure you get outstanding tone without paying a premium price.


Our Micro Coating...


What is a micro coated string? It is a string with polymer known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that has long been a signature part of our acoustic handcrafted string construction. This is a polymer coating that keeps corrosion from destroying string tone. Each wound string has a coating applied in a micro layer of thickness. This means you get crisp clean sounding tone over continuous hours of playing.


Handcrafted Acoustic Guitar Strings

Other companies claim to have "handmade strings" for guitar and bass, yet, their factories are full of automated machines making strings. Our strings are the real thing. We do not have a large factory full of machines churning out strings that nobody ever hears or tests before being sold to you. People make our strings, and they are proud of their craft. Our goal is to bring you the finest string for your instrument. Period.


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